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Выпущена предварительная версия vMix 25!



New Features and Changes

New built in streaming destination, streams to the vMix Web Controller which can be watched from any HTML5 browser on the local network

More Categories
Up to 16 more categories can now be added with custom colours and labels

vMix 25 now includes built-in support for the latest NDI 5.
Note, many NDI 5 features are in the free NDI Tools so check that out for more information.

Preset Bundles and Offline file improvements
Preset bundles can now be saved which include most media assets like videos, images and titles in a single preset file.
Improvements have also been made to existing preset files, if files referenced cannot be found, a single window can be used to locate these prior to opening.

* Added additional virtual sets
* Added support for all the latest AJA capture devices such as Corvid 44 12G and T-Tap Pro. This requires updating the AJA driver to version 16 or higher, available from the AJA web site.
* Added support for custom keyframe frequency in SRT output encoder (defaults 2 seconds).
* Added option to disable NDI preview thumbnails when adding sources, useful for networks with hundreds of sources that may consume excessive bandwidth to generate thumbnails.
* Web Controller and TCP API now restrict access to users on local network only by default.
This can be disabled if needed in Settings
* vMix is now 64bit only. This is due to 32bit only Windows versions no longer being supported.
* New activators: InputAudioAuto, OverlayXAny, BusXSolo, VideoCallSourceOutputX
* New shortcut: OverlayInputXLast
* Various minor bug fixes and improvements


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