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Playbox Trafficbox

Playbox Trafficbox
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Commercial Time Sales
The heart of many broadcast TV channels is commercial time sales, sponsorship and other advert sales related contributions. TrafficBox automates and integrates the booking of commercials into the editorial context and thereby eliminates the most frequent sources of error. All required documentation that are sent to the customer like order confirmations, schedules, campaign plans and invoices are generated automatically from TrafficBox that will give them a consistent and professional look. Even a receipt for payment can be generated automatically by TrafficBox. Traffic & Billing are perfectly integrated with the client’s workflow in order to prevent mistakes. TrafficBox supports workgroups, synchronizes multiple channels and comes with all standard import and export functionality.


Orders and Offers
TrafficBox utilises a number of standard forms to create orders and offers by simply entering the required information in the forms needed to book commercials, create schedules, create invoices etc. TrafficBox Traffic & Billing aggregates this information to allow for a single point of management of all the information.


Schedules and Playlists
TrafficBox can automatically generate commercial schedules that correspond perfectly to the editorial or programme schedules. Once the commercial sales schedules and programme schedules are complete, they can be combined and sent to AirBox as a Playlist.


Traffic Sales
Commercial Sales can use TrafficBox to plan their appointments, create and edit clients and orders and send out booking suggestions for commercial spot bookings. The most important asset for a sales person is their customers and contacts that can be edited and maintained in the customers / contacts section of TrafficBox. A list of customers can also be exported to excel or other database for further processing.
Each commercial sales person can see and edit only the clients that are assigned to them as an account. Each commercial sales person can see the expected amount of turnover or target and their commission.

TrafficBox calendar allows for the planning of appointments and telephone calls. Appointments and calls can be classified and given a start time / date and end time / date. Once the appointment or call is completed a visit or call report can be generated and these reports can be viewed by the sales person and supervisor / management.

Broadcast Schedule or Playlist
The broadcast schedule or playlist consists of two types of blocks, editorial or programme blocks and commercial or ad sales blocks. The number of blocks and the duration can be individually defined to fit the broadcast structure of any TV station. A different commercial selling rate for each commercial block can be defined. The schedule can be assigned to an actual date or a period of time for which the schedule will be valid.


Commercial Block Template
Commercial block templates can be a great help in the commercial booking process. Commercial blocks can be grouped in any way you want, e.g. premium rate blocks, morning blocks, evening blocks, etc.
Video and Media Import
All videos, media, editorial schedules and commercial schedules, are checked automatically by TrafficBox and the TrafficBox watch folder automatically imports any files into TrafficBox that are required in the schedules. The imported media and video files when imported are shown in video administration.


Invoices can be created from scratch or from a received order. When a new invoice is created it will be shown as an item in the “unprinted” folder. You can check the final look of the document in the “invoice view” tab and once checked the invoice can be printed. After confirming the print, the invoice is moved to the “open” folder.

Once an invoice is paid the invoice status can be marked as “paid” and invoice will be be moved to the “paid” folder. If an invoice is not paid on time, accounts receivables process can be managed in TrafficBox as well. Overdue invoices will moved to the “overdue” folder automatically so that it can clearly be seen what payments are outstanding. Credit notes can be easily created from the credit invoice section by clicking the “credit” button in the credit section.


TrafficBox Statistics
The sales turnover statistic in a table or graphic format will show invoiced, expected and booked turnover compared to the targets that have been set. Each statistic can be viewed for an individual sales person or for the whole sales team. Statistics can also show comparisons to previous periods of weeks, months or years.

TrafficBox general statistics offers a wide choice of filtering options to cover every aspect of the TV channel's turnover for any period of time. TrafficBox can show all the data for just one client or for the whole client list that can be filtered by sales person as well.

A comparison to previous periods or previous years can also be made to show how your TV channel is developing sales over time. Browsing schedules in the “broadcast” statistics for any programmes or commercials that have been broadcast is done by entering a search term and a period of time and the results can also tell the time the media was planned and the actual time of airing.


Invoice Statistics
Statistics showing the cash flow can be viewed in the invoice overview. There are three types of statistic:

  • "Monthly Turnover" - List or graphic view of turnover for each month of the current year.
  • "Customer Turnover" - Shows turnover for the current year for each individual client.
  • "Receivables" - Lists all outstanding invoices and outstanding accounts and shows the amounts paid by each client including the invoice number and the payment date.

All TrafficBox statistics can be exported into several different formats.

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